Value DeFi Protocol

Aug 29, 2020

1 min read

YFValue Vision & Mission


To bring fairness, true value, and innovation to yield farming


  • Accessibility: Bring farming to everyone
  • Governance: Provide next generation, on-chain voting
  • Profitability: Reward long-term YFV stakeholders
  • Insurance: Protect community funds and provide peace of mind

1. Accessibility

YFV’s emission schedule was purposefully designed for a much longer period, allowing for multiple staking asset options and pools in order to reach the broader community. With an easy-to-use user interface and detailed instructions, YFV is designed with accessibility and user experience in mind.

2. Governance

YFV enables access to a sleeker and more effective on-chain voting model that introduces flexible voting parameters. The governance model is first of its kind and allows for free of cost and publicly verifiable votes by YFV holders. Additionally, the model incentivizes YFV holders with vETH and vUSD to cover gas costs. The platform will continue to evolve through community participation to best serve its interests.

3. Profitability

YFV will utilize flexible and optimized vault strategies that support small caps tokens/coins. Vault strategies developed by the team will always be delivered without fees, leaving it to YFV Holders to decide on appropriate parameters.

Alongside the Value Vaults, YFValue will provide an optimized aggregator that ensures the best possible price/liquidity for trading YFV. All profit from the aggregator will be distributed to YFV Holders.

4. Insurance

An insurance treasury through contributions of the YFV team and community funds will be used to engage and integrate an insurance protocol, such as Nexus Mutual, to further reduce risk on behalf of all YFV stakeholders.