YFV Update: Pool 0, Minting Keys, & Community Governance

  1. Michael from Boxmining
  2. Vitalik Buterin from Ethereum
  3. Loi Luu CEO from Kyber Network
  4. Andre Conje from YFI
  5. Taiyang Zhang CEO from REN
  6. Fernando Martinelli CEO from Balancer Labs
  7. Brendan Eich CEO from BAT
  8. Sergey Nazarov CEO from Chainlink
  9. Reuben Yap COO from Zcoin
  10. Big supporters or team members from BAL, YFI, BAT, REN, KNC, BTC, ETH, LINK? We welcome suggestions.




Bring True Value to DeFi — https://valuedefi.io

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Value DeFi Protocol

Value DeFi Protocol

Bring True Value to DeFi — https://valuedefi.io

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