VIP0: Launching UNIv2 pool or burn

Voting is only available to YFV Farmers who farm YFV Staking pool. If you have not yet started farming YFV Staking Pool, do so before joining the voting.

Step 1: Go to Connect your wallet if you have not done so. And go to Vote page

Step 2: Click on Vote at the Proposal you want to vote

If you have not start farming POS pool yet, you will not be able to vote and will see the warning

Step 3: If you already started farming POS pool, you will have your voting power and be able to join the voting. Click on Yes or No to vote.
Please note that you can only vote once and cannot change it. So read and consider carefully before casting your vote.

Step 4: Sign the transaction to approve your vote. This voting is fully on-chain

And That’s it. Just wait for the result by the end of the voting period.

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