VIP 9 : Further VALUE emission reduction

  • 0.25 VALUE/block for three v1 vaults (WETH, ETH/USDC and ETH/WBTC UNI LP)
  • 0.20 VALUE/block for governance vault
  • 0.60 VALUE/block for 2 liquidity pools WETH/VALUE and vUSD/VALUE
  • 0.20 VALUE/block for USDC/VALUE 60/40 FaaS pool
  • 0.20 VALUE/block (scale up to 1 VALUE/block) for MultiStables Vault
  • Halt current emission of 2 liquidity pools WETH/VALUE and vUSD/VALUE as soon as possible, saving 0.6 VALUE/block that will be redirected to new vaults next week
  • If the community feels the need to have liquidity for vUSD, we will propose a new FaaS pool for vUSD, with the amount of the incentive and trading pairs to be chosen by a community vote. Nevertheless, we suggest not to do it before we roll out the final specification of vUSD lending. We do not encourage speculation of vUSD before its specifications have been finalized.




Bring True Value to DeFi —

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Value DeFi Protocol

Value DeFi Protocol

Bring True Value to DeFi —

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