VIP 6: Pools restructuring

  1. Current Seed Pool Reward Adjustment
  1. We propose to double the inflation rate of the current seed pool so that it will end in 3 weeks. As a result, that capital will free up as soon as possible and can be put to better use (such as vaults or providing liquidity in Value Liquid; see below proposal for stablecoin balancer pool incentives)
  2. On the other side of the coin, we could halve the inflation rate, continuing seed pool emissions for 12 weeks instead of 6 weeks. As a result, yield will lower significantly, making the pool far less attractive to seed pool farmers, who will be incentivized to deploy their capital elsewhere. This method would also achieve our goal (disincentivizing capital in the seed pool). We would like to thank the community for the suggestion and look forward to the vote.




Bring True Value to DeFi —

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Value DeFi Protocol

Value DeFi Protocol

Bring True Value to DeFi —

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