VIP 2: Rescuing funds left in Pool 0


Please refer to this Medium post for context and also this post regarding fund recovery for the farmer and hacker who left his funds in Pool 0 after the end of the epoch.

This individual ignored repeated warnings not to mine in Pool 0, and his actions (attempted extortion, procurement of hacking services to interfere with the YFV staking pool) have resulted in many inconveniences for the community. Nonetheless, we will let the Community decide on whether the dev team should commit time and utilize keys to rescue his funds from Pool 0.

We want the community to consider this proposal and its risks carefully as detailed below.. We can act to minimize the risk, but must shut down the operation and completely burn the funds in the pool if malicious actors successfully mint more YFV.

Additionally, for your consideration we would like to draw your attention to a post by the miner in question in which he proposes certain actions in apology.


We were able to formulate a new method to recover the locked funds from pool 0 as detailed in the fund recovery Medium post. In the event of a “FOR” vote, if the individual does not comply with the conditions voted upon by the community, we will default to “AGAINST”, or no action taken. We have also completed a contract that enables this transaction in a trustless manner.

The on-chain voting will be opened by Saturday, August 29, 2020 2:00:00 PM (GMT+0) and will end at Tuesday, September 01, 2020 2:00:00 PM (GMT+0)

Current qualified voters and their voting power are people who have been staked in the current disable stake pool. You don’t have to stake now in order to vote.

FOR: attempt this operation to rescue the funds (~$220K) left in Pool 0 by the miner/hacker. As per the miner’s proposal, there will also be an option to determine how much YFV he must burn.

325.7629710535394 YFV rewards: slider 0% -> 100%.
$218,516.5529716734 stake fund: slider 0% -> 20% of total donated to dev fund and applied toward Arcadia Group audit.

While the ~325 YFV are indeed the property of Matt and it is a voluntary action on his part to burn, we also provide an alternative where the funds go to a community insurance fund.

AGAINST: no action taken, effectively resulting in a burn of all funds left in the pool.

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