VIP 1–1: Voting Result and Implementation

The Remove Min Stake Requirement ended with 77.88% for YES and 22.12% for NO. The final result is YES, meaning that YFV Staking Pool v2 will have Min Stake Requirement removed.

The Allow Early Withdraw voting ended with 96.55% for YES and 3.45% for NO, Fee for Early Withdrawal is voted at 1.92%. The final result is Yes with 1.92% fee, meaning that YFV Stakers will be able to Exit YFV Staking Pool v2 within the lock period with 1.92% withdrawal fee.

VIP 1–1 has been implemented with the help of Cosigners:

Tx: Set minStakingAmount = 0, means disable min stake requirement

Tx: Set unlockWithdrawFee = 192, means allow early withdrawal with 1.92% withdrawal fee.

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