VALUE October Roadmap

  1. Value Liquid migration of over $140M of liquidity completed successfully
  2. Emission Adjustments for various VALUE pools
  3. Coming upgrades with Governance Vault V2
  4. Marketing ramp-up
  5. Value Vaults to leave beta
  6. Value Liquid to partner with liquidity mining projects for easy startup & governance token distribution
  1. Emission Adjustments
  • VALUE can be staked
  • Profit from farming strategies will be auto-compounded
  • Locking VALUE in the vault for an extra period of time will boost VALUE yield
  • Governance Vault v2 will support multiple strategy farming as well, our state-of-the-art farming innovation




Bring True Value to DeFi —

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Value DeFi Protocol

Value DeFi Protocol

Bring True Value to DeFi —

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