Hello YFV community. It is our pleasure to share some of the hard work we’ve been doing behind the scenes and the exciting, upcoming developments in our constant quest to bring fairness, true value, and innovation to yield farming.

vUSD and vETH Oracle Integration

Our engineers have been hard at work verifying the rebase code for our two stablecoins, vUSD and vETH. As a YFV farmer, you have already been accruing these two assets. We are currently exploring a partnership with an oracle provider, and will provide an update when finalized.

YFV as a Collateral Asset

We are exploring opportunities to make YFV available as a collateral asset for lending & borrowing.

YFV Partnership Incentive Pools

We will be collaborating with our potential partners to launch two to four new incentive pools to earn YFV alongside partner-specific assets. More details to come soon.

Governance Vault

Our Governance Vault (https://link.medium.com/DmjNSXskx9) private beta will begin on 07 September. We expect to launch to the public on 10 September.

Value Liquid

Check out our announcement on Value Liquid (https://link.medium.com/CC6lHlnmx9). We anticipate the private beta to launch on 15 September, and public launch to be 18 September.

With the launch of Value Liquid, we are happy to announce vUSD liquidity incentives of 10k YFV for initial LPs. The first public pool on Value Liquid will be the YFV/vUSD pair with a ratio of 80/20. LPs of this pool will get the usual 0.25% trading fee, while 0.05% will go to the treasury fund to buy back YFV and distribute it to stakers in the governance vault. In addition, LPs of the YFV/vUSD pool will get an extra incentive reward of 10k YFV distributed over 10 weeks from our dev fund.

Value Vaults

Our much anticipated Value Vaults are set to launch 21 September, pending reviews and code audits.

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