Roadmap Update: New Released Features

Value DeFi Protocol
2 min readDec 3, 2020

New Released Features

★ Composite Vaults. Read more below.

Future Features : Read more here

★ Improved Vaults.

★ FaaS Phase 2.

★ Decentralized Secured Loan Marketplace. Collateralize LPs, Borrow vUSD! Find out more here.

★ Core Upgrade for Value Liquid to use an external router instead of Balancer’s internal proxy. Estimated savings of up to 70% cheaper gas price!

★ Value DeFi Goes Cross-chain.

★ Vaults-as-a-Service.

Composite Vaults for UNI LPs, Farming Sushi and Balancer

The newly released vaults (named Composite vaults) use an upgraded version of Vault v1 (single share with multi-strategy). The vaults accept multiple inputs: UNI v2 LP, SLP, BPT or other paired assets directly. In addition, there is a converter contract to move between different LP assets.

Why is this safer than MultiStables Vault? Composite Vaults are not multi-asset vaults that run multiple strategies with multiple LP assets. As such, there is no need to calculate conversion rates between various LPs, which led to the MultiStables security breach.


  • Pros: there is a separate vault for each asset. As such, deposited LP assets will stay in the same form in the vault and will not be susceptible to external price feed attacks.
  • Cons: There is no auto-rebalancing feature to optimize APY as in MultiStables Vault. Users will need to switch between vaults manually (we make the switch easier for users with our UI)

All the composite vaults (Balancer/Sushi EthUsdc/EthWbtc) are auto-compounding vaults, e.g. Sushi vaults will receive SLP rewards (compounded) and Balancer vaults will receive BPT rewards (compounded).

For both vaults, there are no liquidity locks, meaning you can withdraw anytime.

Since Balancer only lets us claim once a week (every Tuesday), there is a lock of 7 days to claim your VALUE incentive (ie. depositors who withdraw less than 7 days since the last time they deposited then they would lose all their pending reward). You are free to claim rewards anytime after the 7-day period.

Note that the harvested and compounded LP reward will not happen immediately like the old vaults, so it will be compounded linearly in 24h (for Sushi vaults) and 7 days (for Balancer vaults). As such, people can’t take advantage of us by depositing just before the harvest (Monday night) and withdrawing just after the harvest (ie. needs to stay long enough in the pool to get LP reward & Value incentive)