Farming $YFV at Balancer Pool

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3 min readAug 20, 2020


This manual written for Balancer Pool KNC/YFV (98/2), but also apply similar to other Balancer Pool including YFI, BAT, REN, BAL, BTC, wETH, LINK pools

KNC Pool is a Balancer Pool and will have 6% of total supply of YFV, equal to 1.26M YFV to be farmed.

To join this pool, you must stake BPT tokens that can be acquired by depositing $YFV and $KNC in to the KNC/YFV (98/2) pool on Balancer

This pool will last minimum 5 weeks and maximum 20 weeks. Every week, the inflation rate will remain unchanged or change depending on the on-chain voting of farmers.

The amount of $YFV received by any individual farmer is proportional to the amount of capital that farmer is providing.

Farmer can withdraw from this pool any time

Step 1: Obtain $KNC if you don’t already have some. It’ll be good if you also have $YFV in your wallet, with the proportion of 98%KNC, 2%YFV; this is optional

Step 2: Go to , Stake, Select the pool and click on Balancer Pool link. Or visit KNC the following balancer pools

BAL Pool:

YFI Pool:

REN Pool:

BAT Pool:

KNC Pool:

LINK Pool:

WETH Pool:

renBTC/WBTC Pool:

Step 3: At balancer website, connect your wallet and click Add Liquidity

Step 4: Unlock each asset by signing a transaction in metamask

Step 5A: If you only have KNC , click on Single Asset.
Enter the amount of KNC you wish to supply to the Balancer Pool or can click max to auto-select all of $KNC in your wallet.
Click Add Liquidity

Step 5B; If you also have YFV beside KNC, you can choose All Pool Assets. Please note that you will need to provide 98% KNC and 2% YFV. Please calculate this weight yourself manually since the balancer may weigh wrongly for new assets.
Enter the amount of KNC you wish to supply to the Balancer Pool or can click max to auto-select all of $KNC and respective $YFV in your wallet.
Click Add Liquidity

Step 6: BPT should be ready in your wallet. Go to and click on KNC Pool

Step 7: Enter the amount of $BPT you wish to stake, or click on Balance to auto-select all of the BPT in your wallet

Step 8: Click Stake and it will fire 2 transactions

The first one approve YFV contract as spender for your $BPT

The second one moves your $BPT to KNC pool

And that’s it, you start farming $YFV from KNC pool.

Step 9: Go back to homepage you can see your KNC pool yield and other stats

Step 10: Any time you can harvest your $YFV rewards by click on Claim Rewards

Step 11: Should you want to exit the pool, you can click Claim all Rewards and Exit

Cheers and Happy Farming !!!