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New Released Features : Read more here

★ Composite Vaults.

Future Features : Read more below

★ Improved Vaults.

★ FaaS Phase 2.

★ Decentralized Secured Loan Marketplace. Collateralize LPs, Borrow vUSD! Find out more here.

★ Core Upgrade for Value Liquid to use an external router instead of Balancer’s internal proxy. Estimated savings of up to 70% cheaper gas price!

★ Value DeFi Goes Cross-chain.

★ Vaults-as-a-Service.

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New Stables Vault Farming BarnBridge (BOND)

The strategy is quite simple, focus on farming BOND and auto-sell the harvest when epoch changes and the rewards become available. The code is based heavily on the Composite vault because the reward mechanism of BarnBridge is similar to Balancer (rewards are claimed weekly at a certain time instead of anytime). …


Value DeFi Protocol

Bring True Value to DeFi —

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